Culinary Team Canada pursues excellence in culinary arts, skills and craftsmanship in order to deservedly represent Canada as Culinary Ambassadors of a cuisine that is uniquely Canadian and reflective of the cultural diversity and agricultural abundance of our country.

Who They Are

Comprised of chefs from across Canada who have exhibited excellence in culinary skills, Culinary Team Canada members are chosen by their peers to represent our country, and are volunteers who participate in Team activities on their own time.

The members of Culinary Team Canada exemplify the best of our outstanding chefs and they represent our nation with passion and pride.

Culinary Olympics

The road to Gold begins long before the five-day competition in Erfurt, Germany in 2016. From the team selection process, through the countless hours of practice, fundraising events, logistics planning, and international lead-up competitions, Team Canada is committed and determined to bring home the Gold for Canada

Canadian Culinary Development

During competition on the world stage Culinary Team Canada demonstrates expert culinary techniques and abilities as well as unique creativity in showing to advantage the richness and diversity of our food products and multicultural food-ways.

In addition to their participation in international competitions Culinary Team Canada fosters partnerships with the food service and hospitality industry to their mutual benefit.

While competition provides a forum for Culinary Team Canada members to develop their professional skills in the company of master chefs from around the world, they take back to their workplaces the fruits of those experiences.

Team members enrich the food service, hospitality and tourism industries that support and play an integral role in the success of Canada’s culinary teams.

Mission, Vision & Values


Culinary Team Canada, through involvement in international competitions, fosters a vigorous presence and awareness nationally and internationally of Canada’s culinary resources to the benefit of its partners and supporters, the Canadian Culinary Federation and Canadian products. By developing a gold medal–ranked team to compete at the 2012 World Culinary Olympics, Culinary Team Canada perpetuates the international reputation for excellence of Canada’s chefs and hospitality industry.

Vision & Values

  • To express purity, freshness and simplicity in all of our preparations
  • To base our cooking methods on raw materials which spring from the excellent conditions of our climate, landscape and waters
  • To combine the demand for good taste with modern knowledge about health and well-being
  • To promote Canadian products and Canadian producers – and to disseminate the knowledge of the culture behind them
  • To promote the welfare of the animals and sustainable farming both in land and in the sea as well as in the wild
  • To assist in the development of new food processing methods
  • To combine the best Canadian cooking techniques and culinary traditions with new ideas and trends
  • To co-operate with all chefs and representatives of consumers, agriculture, fishing industry, food industry, retail and wholesale industry, researchers, teachers, politicians and levels of government to the benefit and advantage of the Canadian provinces

The Building Of A Team

2012 | Team Manager, Coach and Captain Assembled

The post for the Team Manager goes out and a vote by board results in John Carlo Felicella being selected as the 2016 Culinary Team Canada Manager by the CCF. John Carlo brings with him his experience of being on Team Canada from 2005-2009 and the success of placing first in the Hot competition. Since then he has also garnered the experience of being the Team Manager for the national Juniors Team Canada.

Tobias MacDonald is brought on as Team Coach and Hamid Salimian as Team Captain. Both chefs were part of the 2008 Team Canada that brought home gold at the IKA Culinary Olympics.

During their first year John Carlo, Tobias and Hamid worked on what to look for in a national team and keeping up with new trends.


2013 | Assembling the Team

The call out to the national Canadian Culinary Federation went out in early 2013 to all members. 22 applications were received nation wide, of which 3 were taken based on their experience.

By early summer an initial team had been formed. Practice runs in Windsor Ontario and Halifax, Nova Scotia tested out team chemistry and helped build team comradery.

It is during practice runs and the lead up competitions to the IKA Culinary Olympics that the team is forged by feeling out and forming team chemistry. The Managers, Coaches and Captain think they are starting with the right recipe for Basel, Switzerland – the first international competition for the Team.