The road to Erfurt begins…

We are excited to be together as a team today.   Welcoming new members and beginning our journey to Erfurt and IKA 2016.

We have spent the day together discussing the year and brainstorming our new hot and cold program in the comforts of our new home base, Earls Yaletown.  We are grateful for our sponsorship with Earls.

We enjoyed visits for our FDick rep Barry and our Divine Caviar rep Theressa.

We are heading to the kitchen to work on our hot kitchen.

Hot Show, Go for Gold!

Yesterday was an absolute whirlwind of a day! All of the support members woke up at 5:30am to wash scallops for the show:

Then we ate breakfast and got to work loading the equipment and food for the hot show:


By 9:00am we were ready to go to the Luxexpo!

We were allowed to enter the kitchen to set-up at 10:00am. Only the core team members were allowed into the kitchen to set-up, the rest of us stood right outside the kitchen wishing we could help!


By 12:00pm the core team was cooking their hearts out and the rest of us were shamelessly cheering them on (no matter what we looked like!):


The first 6 hours were all about mise-en-place. They hustled around  and the rest of us watched through the windows of the kitchen.


Once our ‘mise’ was in place[😉]  service started. Our team served over 330 plates in under 4 hours. Here’s what it looked like:

After service was over the team could finally breath and sat down for a much deserved beverage.

Then today, when we were at the Luxexpo to cheer on Culinary Team Canada Juniors we found out that we earned a GOLD for the hot show! What a great couple of days! All of the hard work was definitely worth it!


Cold Show and Prep for Hot Show

Today was our cold show program today. We stayed up all night glazing and plating our dishes. At 4:00am we had a quick breakfast sandwich and headed to the Luxexpo for 5:00am. Chef Mickey had the responsibility of holding the showpiece in the back of the cargo van:


When we arrive at the Luxexpo, we unloaded all of our equipment and Chef Shawn organized the set-up of 3 workstations. They used the workstations to do some touch up glazing and ensure each plate was perfect. Chef JC, our manager and fearless leader orchestrated the entire set-up. Here is our table layout:


Chef Tobias, Chef Bruno and Chef JC inspected every plate to ensure that they were perfect before placing them in their designated area.

It was a lot of work but the end product was incredible:

Then we took a breath and had some croissants, coffee and sausages at Chef’s Corner:

At the end of the day we earned a silver medal! Here we are at the awards ceremony:

Today we are working hard to get ready for the Hot Show Program! Stay tuned to find out how we do! Here is our schedule for today: Sunday. We are right on schedule getting all of our equipment organized for tomorrow!