A recap to a great week at the CCFCC conference.


What a great conference.

Our entire delegation arrived throughout the day and we hit the kitchen hard on Wednesday, sorting out our kitchen spaces, arranging and organizing our coolers and mise-en-place.

We were to work on two receptions, one was for Chef Bruno’s Honour’s Society and the final night event, The President’s Gala. Also we were based out of two different kitchens in two completely different locations. One kitchen was were the convention was at the Palais De Congress and the other location was The Montebello property.

On Wednesday and Thursday we worked out of both kitchens and while we were organizing, we started the little bit of finalizing for Bruno’s event. We were organizing for a four course meal including a cheese course which was sponsored by Saputo. Before dinner and the ceremonies commenced, there was a champagne reception with action stations.  Our support members took charge of this part of the event, as the core team was getting ready for the main dish up for the plated dinner.   The course meal was planned as a practice for our new menu which we are planning for Luxembourg come the fall. Still a work in progress.  The highlight of this event to many was the dessert which was executed by our new pastry Chef.  Friday proved to be a fulfilling day in the kitchen, preparing a dinner for our coach and mentor Bruno Marti.  Friday finished on a high note, as the National Team enjoyed a beautiful dinner out with Chef Marti.

We enjoyed that we had was opportunity to work with the new National Junior National Team with their assistance in plating with the Presidents’s Gala; the Junior Team did the passed canapés and we did the action stations similar to Bruno’s.  It was truly an honor to watch the two National Culinary Team work together in the same kitchen for the same end goal.

Saturday was entirety focused on altered and adjusting our menus from the Honour’s Society and to improve based on our performance to provide a stronger menu for Presidents Gala on Sunday. We worked closely with the CCFCC’s sponsors for the evening with a cheese course from Saputo as well as a dessert plated by Cacao Barry.  Sunday’s dinner was a great success, and a great way to end the conference.  The Junior National Team worked in the kitchen with us and help with the pate up of the dinner, again an honour to work together.

This week was a triumphed, we learned a lot about working towards greater goals with like minded chefs. Being able to adjust and mold ourselves and our ideas to every different setting with which we work out of.

We’ll be seeing each other in July as were all in Vancouver for a weekend of functions and meeting as practices.

A very special thanks goes out to our President Donald Gyurkovits, for his endless hard-work and constant support.  Donald is always the first in line to support any Canadian team.  We are honored to have is support and most importantly his friendship.  Thanks for everything Donald.