Busy Weekend, both in Norway and in Vancouver, BC

As the team is currently en route for the initial Luxembourg practice and with WACS Congress happening simultaneously in Norway, it’ll be quite the busy weekend for us as our Manager JC along with President Gyurkovits and Chef Bruno are in Norway campaigning for Vancouver to be the host city for the 2018 WACS congress. 

This weekend we also have a little function, for 1000 guests, which we are working with Count Down Events. We are looking forward to be working with our pastry chef from our 2008 Team Canada Mickey Zhao. 

We will finish the weekend with the team presenting their menu which we place to prepare in Luxembourg come November. Chef JC will be joining us on Sunday as he arrives home from Norway. 

The team will be in full whites all weekend working away and planning the executions and we cannot be more proud of how things will be shaping up as we are now going full steam ahead towards a hopeful competition in November.