Cold Show and Prep for Hot Show

Today was our cold show program today. We stayed up all night glazing and plating our dishes. At 4:00am we had a quick breakfast sandwich and headed to the Luxexpo for 5:00am. Chef Mickey had the responsibility of holding the showpiece in the back of the cargo van:


When we arrive at the Luxexpo, we unloaded all of our equipment and Chef Shawn organized the set-up of 3 workstations. They used the workstations to do some touch up glazing and ensure each plate was perfect. Chef JC, our manager and fearless leader orchestrated the entire set-up. Here is our table layout:


Chef Tobias, Chef Bruno and Chef JC inspected every plate to ensure that they were perfect before placing them in their designated area.

It was a lot of work but the end product was incredible:

Then we took a breath and had some croissants, coffee and sausages at Chef’s Corner:

At the end of the day we earned a silver medal! Here we are at the awards ceremony:

Today we are working hard to get ready for the Hot Show Program! Stay tuned to find out how we do! Here is our schedule for today: Sunday. We are right on schedule getting all of our equipment organized for tomorrow!