Hot Show, Go for Gold!

Yesterday was an absolute whirlwind of a day! All of the support members woke up at 5:30am to wash scallops for the show:

Then we ate breakfast and got to work loading the equipment and food for the hot show:


By 9:00am we were ready to go to the Luxexpo!

We were allowed to enter the kitchen to set-up at 10:00am. Only the core team members were allowed into the kitchen to set-up, the rest of us stood right outside the kitchen wishing we could help!


By 12:00pm the core team was cooking their hearts out and the rest of us were shamelessly cheering them on (no matter what we looked like!):


The first 6 hours were all about mise-en-place. They hustled around  and the rest of us watched through the windows of the kitchen.


Once our ‘mise’ was in place[😉]  service started. Our team served over 330 plates in under 4 hours. Here’s what it looked like:

After service was over the team could finally breath and sat down for a much deserved beverage.

Then today, when we were at the Luxexpo to cheer on Culinary Team Canada Juniors we found out that we earned a GOLD for the hot show! What a great couple of days! All of the hard work was definitely worth it!