Luxembourg 2014 World Cup


After a 10 hour flight from Canada to Frankfurt and a 3 hour flight from Frankfurt to Luxembourg we finally arrived at the Hôtel Martha. With 23 members in total, we have the whole hotel to ourselves, and it’s a beautiful hotel at that!

In a matter of a few hours we have transformed the entire first floor of our hotel into the Team Canada workspace. Our team is working from the wee hours of the morning to the wee hours of the evening to prepare for the World Cup.

Right now we are working towards our Cold Show display on Saturday. We are right on track, but there is no room for rest or error. Then we have our Hot show on Monday where the team will be preparing a three course fine dining menu for over a hundred guests in under 6 hours.  Then the team will serve all of the guests, ensuring that every plate is perfect and identical. 

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